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Why Purple Light?

It's the hardest-to-see color on the visible spectrum.

@PLIF, we help uncover what lies right in front of you.

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From the whiteboard to the wireframe, what features and components are essential to your product design?  The secret to amazing design is saying "no" to good ideas.



Who's your target customer?  Health Plans, Providers, Employers, Consumers? What distribution channels should you consider? Brokers, Consultants, Insurers?  Who are your competitors and how do you compare? We know the players in the ecosystem and what will truly stand out in the marketplace.



We've sat through over 1,000 pitches -- we know what resonates and what falls flat.  What metrics and results are important to your end customer?  Do you sell to their head or their heart?  Vitamin or Painkiller?  Intrinsic or Extrinsic? Our Elev8te model will help you think through all these questions and more.  Knowing the answers will make all the difference in the world.

Our Team

Chris Chan

Chris has founded and led multiple innovation teams at major consultancies.  He has worked with thousands of employers across the country in designing their health care strategies, and hundreds of startups on their products and services.  This has translated to tens of millions in annual revenues for his clients.

"Chris has been instrumental in helping early stage companies position and move new products from a 'nice to have' to 'need to have' value added benefit." - Melissa Fowler, Torchlight

"He is one of the most attuned professionals in the world of innovative solutions, and I greatly respect his thoughtfulness, intelligence, insight and passion." - Scott Kirschner, Iron Mountain

"Chris is a rare breed – creative, thought-provoking, engaging and funny." - Michael Williams, Mercer

"He brings a deep understanding of healthcare together with a passion for technology that can bring meaningful improvement to peoples lives." - Chris Stenzel, Kaiser Permanente

"Chris has the rare ability to listen, absorb, and respond to a broad array of conflicting interests and actively improve each party's ability to serve their customers." - Eric Foster, Lowes

"Chris Chan is able to take complex subjects and make them understandable and their solutions actionable. Let him lead an innovation session for you and I guarantee satisfaction." - Mark Whiting, Mercer

"Chris is BRILLIANT - and so much fun to talk to about where health care, and our world, are going!" - Healther Dalmasso, Accolade

"He is one of the most thoughtful, creative and committed partners with whom I've ever had the pleasure to do business. He possesses rare balance of 'make it great,' 'do the right thing,' and most importantly, 'get it done.'" - Amar Kendale, Livongo

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We will accelerate your company's growth and save you months on your strategic timelines. Why Purple Lght? It's the hardest-to-see color on the visible spectrum. At PLIF, we help uncover what lies right in front of you.

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